40 Years of Our Family

by Japonize Elephants

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released January 1, 2003

Sylvain Carton - guitar, vocals
David Gantz - junk, vocals
Evan Farrell - bass, vocals
Jeremy Baron - banjo, mandolin
Mitch Marcus - tenor saxophone, piano
Chris Hiatt - flute, alto sax, slide and tin whistles, vocals
Megan Gould - violin, bowed mandolin, saw
Jason Slota - glockenspiel, marimba
Isabel Douglas - accordion
Charles Ferris - trumpet


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Japonize Elephants San Francisco, California

This eclectic ensemble plays its own brand of well-honed “hardcore-gypsy-circusgrass-pirate-clown madness.” The Japonize Elephants have arrived at their totally unique sound through the use of innovative arranging techniques using an extremely varied instrumentation featuring glockenspiel, junk percussion, vibraphone, accordion, guitar, bass, flute, saxophones, trumpet, violin, banjo, and vocals. ... more

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Track Name: Implied Leprosy
We need your support, perhaps a red Ford Escort, to house our relief station new Zulu nation preparation H bombs dropping from the sky, malt liquor dripping from my stye, PIG PEN! CRACK DEN! quarantined to be yer friend like the face of Mona Lisa get some help from Ma Theresa...
Why have you fallen down? I saw you hangin' 'round yesterday on the corner of West and Grand. Pink plastic skirt, seams seem to hurt, a tube top doesn't qualify as a shirt.
Choppers in the sky, venchly land on the bad guy 'til he realizes that he ain't so bad. Ma Theresa standing by with her white cloth in the sky. Toes say goodbye. Leprosy is implied.
Track Name: Whiskey Willie
He's got good whiskey
we'll drink him dry.
Drink him t the bottom
of the great divine.

He's got good whiskey
now I wouldn't lie.
Tilt the bottle up and
drink it down will he die?

He's got whiskey

He worked in a freezer
it chilled him to the bone.
He tried all night to please her,
she were colder than a stone.

Pokin' at those ice cubes
with an ice pick you might think,
but the things that he are freezing
that's the pelts of oily mink.

He's got whiskey

You can kill a man for cheatin'
you can kill him for his shoes.
But expect to get a beatin'
if yer reachin' for his booze.
Willie stood to shoot a man
but slipped and broke a bone.
The barkeep had good whisky
but Willy brought his own...
Track Name: Gordon Sherwood
He's a picky little cowboy, we've told you that before, but now we're going to tell you even more about the little guy with webs on his two toes, things about him we've seen that nobody know what to make of those burgers up his nose, a frown that only grows, and robots eatin' what???
Track Name: Le Bon Matin
My mother surely believed that the
universe was made out of corn trees and
liniment is all we need for
the rest of us can choose our disease.

Le bonmatin,
la nuit était si soûle et moche.
Le bon matin,
et mon coeur bat à la gauche.
Le jus de fruit,
ma bouche encroustillée.
Le jus d'orange,
well it tastes so tasillée.
Je lave mon singe.

Track Name: Co' Brickey
Ole bricky and loaded with seeds
All tricky and loaded with cheese
Load nineteen bowls if you please
Eat another ham on rye you stupid sleaze
Ole bricky full of meat
All tricky and full of me's
Load nineteen bowls if with seeds
Eat another ham on rye loaded with cheese
Cole bippy if you please
Big sippy you stupid sleaze
Load nineteen bowls full of meat
Eat another ham on rye full of me's
haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha hahaha
Double Dippy, loaded with grease
Beef bucket bitch all loaded with sleaze
Wheres my clothes feller they ain't freeze
If you don't have my bag I apall-o'-jeez
Head to the concrete if you please
foot to the chest it's gettin' hard to wheeze
Kickin' yer ass it's such a breeze
Taking my bag with the greatest of ease
Co' Brickey you have been a perfect gentleman tonight
Co' Brickey you look so cute in your little leisure suit
Co' Brickey you go Isabel
Co' Brickey you have been a perfect gentleman
Co' Brickey!!
Track Name: Molly's Midget Mansion
Welcome, welcome, gather 'round.
Get them suckers by the pound.
Well listen to that little noise.
Look at all them, look at them little toys.
They italied their days to waste, while
Molly ruled their place...
At three foot six she's a hairy little bitch with
hairy feet and hairy eyes, she's even got hairy tits,
polka dotted panties and a smile like a clown's, she's
my oh my sweet Molly Brown.
Molly's gotta mansion of people shorter than her,
paper thin walls and a floor made outta dirt. She's the
queen of the hill, everybody's thrill, livin' at Molly's, Molly's Midget Mansion.

Trés bête en France
Trés Bette en Italy
Trés bête au Japon
Trés Bette en Allemagne.
Track Name: Bob'S Bacon Barn Train Bacon Grass Special #3 Pt. 1
Ketchup Bacon Sammiches gimme 1 or 2
Nitrate Porkly goodness sure do make you poo
Ketchup Bacon Sammiches'll turn ya into grues
It doesn't really matter when you put it on the platter
the bacon makes you fatter and the pigs they go a splatter
All over you!!
Ketchup Bacon Sammiches, dollar ninety nine
Ketchup Bacon Sammiches, gotta feed up on the swine
The barn burnt down
the clowns left town
What a quag-e-mire!
They cooked it and stirred it
and stewed it and steamed it
and slurped it and whirred it...
The Hill Peoper Choir they just set a fire,
the firefighters are still in the briars,
and the cows'ere overturned
And the cows'ere overturned
Track Name: Bobby
Change yer booties,
so your feet will not smell so bad.
Don't get cooties,
keep yerself clean and you'll be glad.
Et toi!
Dirty birdies
are a thing no one likes to smell.
Keep yerself clean
and don't leave home without the jell
Et toi!
Bobby used to change his shoes and his socks
but now Bobby lives in a
cardboard box.
Bobby used to listen to what
his mother would say,
he cleaned himself
three times a day!
Bobby's got a smell,
I said it's like no other.
the man in the garbage can looks like
Bobby's brother!
Bobby he cleaned his life up and
he says, "everything's just ducky."
Well he got a new bug and we say
"he's so lucky!"
What the fuck was that?!
Track Name: Faun Fables
Faun Fables
Nils and Dawn the Faun!

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